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Welcome to Motor City Cannabites - Home to Your Favorite High-Quality Cannabis Brands!

Treat yourself to a comforting edible and vapes infused with Detroit vibes (and of course, weed).

Receive Special Offers, Promos, Goodies, and Swag From Your Favorite Cannabis Brands!


We urgently and continually drive improvement. We demand excellence and constancy in every effort, no matter how small.


Our edibles are made to create happiness, good vibes, and memories. The second you take a bite of our edibles is the second you enter your happy place.


We developed our line of products to help responsible adults find the calm they need to stay focused, productive, and in control of their life.

The Largest Variety of Edibles in Michigan!

On top of our amazing tasting edibles, our large variety gives you a chance to experiment with what you love most. Is it our brownies, lollipops, gummies? With our consistent level of tastiness, the world may never know.

A Modern World Requires Modern Medicine

Treat yourself to an indulgent experience. Our cannabis infused Stixx are designed to melt into your mouth and give you an intense feeling of potency that is rare to experience.

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Reduce Stress

Balance Life

Stretch Mind

Feel Great

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